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Dear Visitor,

Let me briefly present the history of our company and the milestones in our development:

  • 1987 Our Company starts off as a small craft enterprise in Esztergom, Hungary
  • 1990 The Company is transformed into a 50-50% German-Hungarian limited liability company
  • 1993 The German partner de-merges; the Company becomes a 100% Hungarian-owned family business
  • 1994 A major project begins in Esztergom. Existing but outdated workshops are demolished and a modern plant and offices are built in various phases to replace them. In the meantime we constantly modernize as opportunities are presented: IT and industrial design software are purchased. This allows for a drastic reduction in time needed for design and manufacturing processes and our ability to meet shorter deadlines.
  • 2001 We acquire ISO 9001 certification
  • 2002 The construction of a new 600 m2 injection molding plant is begun in Tokod-Ebszőnybánya
  • 2004 The ISO TS 16949:2002 standard is implemented at the injection molding plant in Tokod.
  • 2006 The construction of a new 2000 m2 plant begins next to the existing 600 m2 plant in Tokod-Ebszőnybánya.
  • 2011 In order to boost our efficiency we merge our two business sites at the expanded site in Tokod-Ebszőnybánya. The business site in Esztergom is shut down.
  • 2013 We finish a new 440 m2 workshop, thereby expanding our existing 2600 m2 plant to more than 3000 m2.
  • 2014 The Company is given a complete facelift, establishing a modern and uniform look both online and offline that truly reflects the high quality services we provide.


Hoping to work together successfully as soon as possible, we remain

Sincerely yours,

Gábor Mitter,

Managing Director, Owner





Having satisfied partners is of the utmost importance for us. Our main goal is to establish long-term collaboration that is based on trust.

In order to strengthen our customers’ trust and boost our efficiency, we follow an internationally certified quality assurance system.

The most important element of our growth strategy is to develop our machinery according to demands and therefore constantly expand our capacity.

We care for the future of our profession, so we are involved in youth training.

We are proud of the excellent results that our trainees have achieved in national professional competitions.



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